Paris Now

Inspired by the work of Denis Adams and Laurent Malone (JFK, NP, 2002) I began to explore the relationship

between the center of Paris and its suburban rings in photography. Paris developed over centuries as a

circoncentric urban entity. In response, a section line is drawn through the city along the axis perpendicular to

the Seine. Photographs are taken along this line, every 50 meters, perpendicular to the facade of the street,

uninterrupted for 50km, thus creating a photographic section of the city.

Once developed, the photographs are transferred to the gallery walls - which have been modified to create a single

unbroken surface - enabling the section to enclose the gallery space. This layout allows the viewer to cross the

city by walking around the perimeter of the gallery, as well as being able to see the layered cross section of the

city from any point within the enclosure.

Photography, Paris, 2010-2012


Le 6B centre culturel, Paris, August 2010

Glasgow School of Art, Clark and Fyfe Gallery, February 2012