Basalt Tower

Some of the most beautiful geothermal pools in Iceland, the Grjótagjá caves, hidden in a tectonic fault line,

are secluded within a beautiful and barren landscape. To promote the location with the presence of a tower,

we decided to present a project that accentuates and celebrates the physicality of the site in its natural,

geological context. Our mission was to maintain this fascinating Icelandic feature for generations to come.

Our critical standpoint defines how the proposal is articulated: we created a void to access and enhance

the caves. The excavated basalt rock serves as the raw component of the tower construction. Over time,

the structure will age, moss will cover the rocks and the project will merge harmoniously into its surroundings,

an ode to the geology of the Grjótagjá caves.

BeeBreeders Competition entry, December 2020.

Collaboration with Raphael Costes and Nina Fradet.