Fragments of Utopia (extract pending publication)

The architecture produced from the mid-50's to the mid 70's was emblematic of the daring societies it emerged

from. In Fragments of Utopia, we do not seek to glorify the work of this period, but investigate the theories tested

at the time. Thanks to the scholarship fund of Ernst Schindler Stiftung (Zürich) Simon Mühlebach, Daniel Fuchs

and I set out on a study trip to consider material witnesses to this time in close geographical proximity: the North

of Italy and South of France.

The documentation of the predominantly brutalist projects seeks to carry over the 1:1

scale of the experience. Each project image is displayed alongside an isolated structural element of that same

project shown in 1:1 scale on the opposite page. In addition, the axonometric drawings of each project remove the

work from its surrounding context. In using this method for each building we can concentrate on the sculptural

extravagance of the architectural volumes atypical to the work of this period.

Research and Publication, Switzerland/France/Italy, 2015 - ongoing.

Collaboration with Bach-Mühle-Fuchs and Melina Wilson.

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