A detailed description of my employment record can be found in the Info section.



Main projects delivered with Úti Inni Arkitektar, Reykjavik (2016-2019)

Role: project leader

Left to right: Urridaholtstraeti 27, Sjonarvegur 5 (centre and right)



Main projects I worked on during employment at Meier Hug Architekten, Zürich (2014-2015) and

Christian Kerez Architekten, Zürich (2013).

Role: project architect

Left to right: Uptown Mels with Meier Hug, Lyon Confluence with Christian Kerez (centre and right)



Main projects I contributed to during internships with Jordi Colomer, Barcelona (2011), Pezo Von

, Chile (2009) and Carré Houssais Architectures (2008-2009)

Role: intern

Left to right: ‘Abierto x Obras’ with Jordi Colomer, ‘I was there’ with Pezo Von Ellrichshausen and St Martin with Carré Houssais



Selection of construction and carpentry work with the art collectives EXYZT, Paris (2010), The Travelling

Embassy of Rockall
, Reykjavik (2016) and Le 6B (2010-2011).

Role: carpenter/builder

Left to right: Grandi festival with Rockall, Far 6b with Le 6B and St Jean en Royans with EXYZT



Sample of architectural models built during employment and for my own student work.

Top row, left to right: Urridaholtstraeti 27 and Sjonarvegur 5 (both Úti Inni Arkitektar), Bakehouse (Student project)

Middle row, left to right: Bakehouse (Student Project), FABRIC (Pezo Von Ellrichshausen) and Hilbre Island (Student Project)

Bottom row, left to right: Burrell Textures (Student Project) and Workshop model (Student Project